Seamless Gutters & Sheet Metal

  • Gutter Intallation

    We offer installation of several types and styles of rain gutters. Our team of professionals will find the best possible method of installation for your unique situation. The gutters need to be installed properly the first time and we are committed to providing this level of installation for all our projects.

  • Gutter RepLacement

    If you have existing gutters that are in need of replacing, we specialize in removing and disposing of your old gutters and downspouts, and installing a new, quality system.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Are your gutters full of leaves again? It is very important to keep your gutters clean so that they can work properly, and is also important for getting the most life out of your gutter system. Clogged gutters can overflow, possibly causing damage. Clean gutters also can dry out properly when it stops raining, where dirty gutters can hold the moisture there for quite a while.


    Gutter leaf Screens

    We offer many different types and styles of leaf protection for your gutter system. The type of roof you have, as well as the types of trees you have will help determine the best possible leaf protection solution for you. We can install leaf protection on your new Seamless Gutters from Garrick, as well as on your existing system.

  • Sheet Metal

    We offer custom sheet metal fabrication and installation. The type of work we do is normally roof flashing such as chimney caps, saddle flashing and custom roof jacks. We also offer architectural metal flashing such as capping, custom z-flashing over ledgers, door and window flashing and also waterproofing deck metal. Most of this work will be soldered to provide a permanent waterproof solution.

    We offer sheet metal in the following metals:

    • Copper
    • Stainless Steel
    • Galvanized
    • Painted Steel
    • Aluminum

Seamless Gutters installed by Garrick Seamless Gutters & Sheet Metal Sonoma County

Gutter Installation, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Cleaning by Garrick Seamless Gutters & sheet metal Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Healdsburg


Leaf Guard Installation by Garrick Seamless Gutters & Sheet Metal Sonoma County


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